5 steps you can take now, for next level health!

5 Steps you can start making TODAY to help you simplify, relax, and take your health to the next level! Plus you’ll enjoy better sleep and more energy!

I incorporate these 5 steps into my life every day. These are my non-negotiable, not just for me but our entire family. We make sure to take these steps to feel our best, lift our moods, increase our immunity and enjoy our everyday lives. These practices have helped us in more ways than I can count. Seemingly simple steps that serve us well. You will hear these recommendations time and time again, but for some reason we overwhelm ourselves with lofty goals and big plans, which can be great, but we need to have these simple practices in place to up-level our routine, shift our mindset and keep things simple, and possible to attain. When we experience great results we’re more likely to stick with our new plan. These daily practices will add up, they will compound, and over a short period of time you will gain more energy, enjoy deeper restful sleep, you will feel lighter, look brighter and breathe easier while enjoying your everyday life.

Step 1: Drink MORE water. Drink water all day, everyday. Okay that’s a bit of a stretch but I can almost guarantee you aren’t drinking enough water now. Have water before you get out of bed, leave water beside your bed. Drink water before you have your morning cup of tea or coffee, and remember to drink another cup of water for every caffeinated beverage (I like to fill my mug with water while waiting for my tea to steep or coffee to brew). If you drink pop, stop. At the very least, reduce the amount you’re drinking, try Kombucha or Water Kefir as a great replacement for that fizz! Keeping well hydrated is great for so many bodily functions, it keeps you regular, reduces your bloating, reduces inflammation, and gives you clearer skin and more energy! If you need to spice it up add lemon, blueberries, mint leaves, oranges, lime wedges, strawberries, etc. Tracking how much water you're drinking can help you make sure you're actually getting enough. Using a decent sized water bottle (20-25 ounces) and refilling it throughout the day (only once it's empty) that way you can count and keep track! This is the one I use! 

Step 2: Breathe fresh air & feel the sunshine, this can have both physical and mental benefits! Whether you live in the city, work inside, commute in traffic, or work from home (hello!) you need to get outside and enjoy time spent in nature. Fresh air will help to cleanse your lungs, refresh your mind and vitamin D is necessary for supporting many functions in the body like immune support and dental health but low levels can greatly effect your mood. Schedule an hour a day to soak up the rays and take a few deep breaths. It can be half an hour in the morning, sitting outside with your cup of tea, or gardening or walking for 30 minutes in the evening. Of course during winter this can be more difficult, bundle up when it’s not -40 outside and walk around the block, open the curtains and crack a window when you can. Indoor plants are great for cleansing and refreshing indoor air.

Step 3: Get moving! You don’t have to bike 10 km or join the local runners club, although great ideas, not completely necessary. Play with your kids, bike to the park, walk the dog, grow a vegetable garden, check out your provincial or state parks on the weekend, explore new bike & hiking trails. Not all movement should take place in a gym or on a yoga mat. There I said it. Keep your membership and work out with your trainer, both have wonderful benefits, but there is nothing compared to moving your body outdoors. Fresh air fills your lungs and your senses are lit up by the beauty of nature, it will reduce stress, build body strength, relax your mind and offer time to connect with your family.

Step 4: Eat whole foods for at least one meal per day! Don’t make this so complicated that you stress over it everyday. Keep it simple, a smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch, or chicken with veggies for dinner. If you’re stuck on the fast-food, quick-fix, grab & go lifestyle this is for you! Replace one meal everyday for at least a month. Start with breakfast, skip the drive-thru, and eat at home, make a smoothie, or oatmeal, or chia pudding everyday until it becomes a habit. Make dinner at home from scratch at least 3 times a week. Pack a salad 2-3 days a week for lunch. Do you see how you can easily start to transition out of the quick-fix lifestyle and make healthier choices? It CAN be done! I promise you have more time available to you than you think, put your phone down, walk away from the tv and commit to a healthier you!

Step 5: Take a quiet moment each day for reflection and practicing gratitude. First thing in the morning and/or before bed. This can help you prepare for the day ahead, and close the day out with a conscious decision to be grateful, choose love, forgive & move forward. A great practice is to leave your phone outside of your bedroom, this will serve you as you wind down before bed and help you to wake up and focus your mind before checking your email. Grab a cup of tea, or coffee if you prefer, a journal or notebook to jot down your thoughts, listen to an uplifting podcast, or sit quietly in nature. Use whatever works best for you or rotate practices to keep it interesting. Find a way to slow down, reflect, be mindful and practice stillness each day.

You have an opportunity to start fresh each and every day to make choices that serve you BEST! Each moment is a chance to reset, refresh and restart. Choose wisely! 

To peace, love & health!

-Kirby xo

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