Convenient ways to reduce waste!

We live in a one-time-use world. People love convenience, rather we believe we need convenience, in every way. We use one-time use coffee cups, one-time use cleaning wipes, disposable menstrual products, pre-washed lettuce in plastic packaging, bottled water, protein bars, fruit snacks, and cereal all wrapped in plastic packaging.


I wonder what would happen if we all paused and considered how many items we are throwing away each day that we don’t really need to, from the moment we wake up and brush our teeth, pack our lunch, have our coffee, do our work, run errands, eat lunch, pick up groceries, make dinner, tidy up, and go to bed.



So many of these items never used to exist, our mothers and grandmothers washed faces and tables with wash-cloths, they washed produce and used what they needed, storing the rest in containers, no one drank bottled water, and coffee was made at home and served to our visitors (you know, the people who used to call, on the telephone, before coming over), but of course as our schedules have filled up our need for convenience has grown too.



How can we live in a world that worships convenience and pursue a natural life with minimal waste?

Short of selling your house, moving to the middle of nowhere, raising chickens & cattle, growing your own fruit & veggies, harvesting your own grains,  making trips to the well to haul your own clean water home, and doing your laundry in the creek…. as romantic as that sounds I do have some tips and tools that you can use on the road to conscious living.



What do I mean by that?

To be more conscious of what you buy, what you use and what you throw away. You don’t have to turn your entire life upside down to save the planet, there are changes you can make today that will help us all tomorrow!


Let’s start with lunch!

More specifically packing your own or the kids snacks & lunches using Colibri reusable bags!



Reusable bags help reduce the waste that comes from packaged snacks. There are two ways to use them, buy your snacks in bulk & save money, OR, make homemade snacks to eat on the go and then portion out your snacks and pack them in beautiful reusable bags like the Colibri bags.


I like to take advantage of both of these solutions, I buy cereal, dried fruit, nuts or seeds in bulk and I make homemade snacks like granola, bars, muffins, all to go in the Colibri bags! They also work great for packing whole fruits and veggies to go!




You can get all of these snack recipes HERE

Back to School Recipe Guide

Get yourself some super cute Colibri Bags HERE

Of course, I still buy packaged snacks once in a while but using the reusable Colibri bags helps to cut back on the amount of waste we create. The adorable patterns make them fun to use, they’re easy to open for little hands, they come in different sizes for all of your needs and they are machine washable and easy to keep clean.


What’s your favourite homemade snack?


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