Clean Start Community Membership

Our Membership Program, inside the Clean Start Community is where I connect, encourage, educate and support my community! It's where I offer all of my support, programs and tools. To lay a foundation of a healthy lifestyle we offer a 6 week program, to help you better understand the foods you eat and feed your family.

"Plan Prep Simplify" is our signature 6 week program that runs LIVE online 6 times every year!

This program allows me to offer more in depth information, support and guidance to this community.

Our 6 week Program:

Week 1 will cover the topic of reading food labels! We'll go over exactly what to look for while grocery shopping, which foods are healthiest and what you should be avoiding.

Week 2 let's go grocery shopping! We'll cover everything from buying organic or not and how you can choose the healthiest whole foods for you and your family.

Week 3 will be all about recipes and how to make simple meals with the amazing whole foods you've learned to shop for! We'll share our favourite family recipes and offer some NEW recipes for you to try, these recipe E-Books will change every season, so you'll always get fresh content from us!

Week 4 is for Meal Planning, we'll show you how to start and share our best tips for making it all work.

Week 5 is all about Meal Prep and we'll go over our tested methods for prepping for busy families.
Week 6 we'll recap what we've learned and share all of the amazing ways we take our health to the next level, covering topics like supplements, water, green products & more!

I have been supporting Moms in their desire to feed their families healthy food for 4 years now and I've learned that best way to relieve stress and create ease
in the kitchen is with a solid foundation. I believe that our New 6 Week Program "Plan Prep Simplify" is exactly the foundation Moms need to thrive in the kitchen!

We love the fact that we can offer this program at such an affordable price and keep our members involved, forever! That means if you need a refresher you'll be able to join in on the conversation, that's what I love MOST about building this community!


For $66 you will have life-time access to this community, our program and support!

That's only $11/week for your first session of Plan Prep Simplify and then you're with me for life!


Inside the Clean Start Community, you will have access to our specially designed meal plans, recipes, healthy living e-books, how-to guides and more all while being a part of a supportive community!

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 When I started on my clean eating journey I felt SO lost.

There were so many labels to read...
new "must have" superfoods...
kitchen gadgets to buy...
and I just didn't know exactly what to do. 
I assembled my own community of people I trusted
experts in the field & new friends who were on the same journey.
It took a lot of effort, a lot of reading and A LOT of trial and error
but it started with one step. Then another, and another.
One foot in front of the other
I learned more and more & began to apply it in my everyday life.
You might be in the same position that I once was:
-overwhelmed with grocery shopping and buying healthy food that's affordable. 
-worried that the new meals you make will be lost on your family
and they won't enjoy it or worse not eat it at all.  
-stressed over label reading and determining which ingredients are good or bad
and wondering if you need to get a degree in food science. 
I've been there. I am here to help you!
I created this space: 
-to share exactly what I've learned so you don't have to learn the hard way!
-to give you the tools you need to make healthy eating easy peasy!
-and to inspire you to live your best life yet!
The Clean Start Community is a safe place to ask questions, find reliable answers,
try new recipes, use meal plans & how-to guides
engage in a welcoming community and create new friendships with other Moms!
It's not just another program, it's a lifestyle!

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A gluten-free vegetarian quinoa bowl full of protein, greens & veggies perfect for lunch!

What's a Clean Start Recipe look like?

It includes less than 10 whole food ingredients,

nothing processed and nothing fake!


It uses simple cooking techniques like baking, sauteeing, roasting, blending, grilling

and even slow cooker and one pot meals!

It lets the food do the talking,

no need for slathering on the ketchup!


Whole foods with simple spices, oils & fresh ingredients

meaning your food tastes like it should, delicious! 


A delicious chocolate protein smoothie perfect for breakfast.

It’s time to invest in your HEALTH!

  • Fall in love with real FOOD again!

  • Learn to cook and prep delicious, healthy meals!

  • Know how to organize your kitchen and make it work for you!
  • Make healthy snacks your kids will actually eat! 

  • Prepare nourishing and delicious meals for the whole family

  • Learn how to eat locally and in season

  • Pick healthy foods to create simple meals that will satisfy all of your taste buds

  • Crowd out the bad with really easy whole food meals!

  • Take the stress out of grocery shopping

  • Be part of an encouraging community

  • Thrive not just survive

  • Take your health to the next level

  •  Have fun and try something new!


Lifetime Access is $66, that's only $11/week for your first session of Plan, Prep, Simplify and then you're IN for LIFE!

Are you ready to join me in the kitchen?

Get signed up here and join us today!


Making delicious gluten free, vegetarian, clean eating meals in the kitchen.

Your membership includes:
-6 Week Program "Plan Prep Simplify" that you can repeat any time!
-Meal Plans, specially designed with families in mind!
-Recipes that are quick, easy and delicious, using only whole foods!
With Vegan, Vegetarian and Omnivore options!
-All recipes are gluten free!
-How To Guides that cover all the important topics you've been wondering about!
-Seasonal Recipe E-Books to inspire you in the kitchen with the freshest local ingredients!
-Access to our Clean Start Facebook Group, where you can ask questions and get to know other Clean Start Members in a fun supportive community!
-Support delivered directly to your inbox!
-Motivational posts to inspire and encourage you in your healthy living journey!
-PLUS Special Discounts for Clean Start Members in our Eco-Friendly Online Store!