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 Meet Kirby

A beautiful sunset picnic with fruits, veggies, water with my husband and four children.

Welcome! I am so happy you're here!
As a Culinary Nutrition Expert and busy mom of 4 my days are filled with food, kids, and more food!
I began writing and sharing my recipes after finding out my first born was severely allergic to all nuts and my daughter had an allergy to dairy and then again we found out that our third child was sensitive to dairy & grains!
Yes it was stressful. Yes it was a learning experience. Yes I had my hands full.
The result?
An amazing understanding of how food affects our bodies and I definitely learned my way around an allergy-friendly kitchen!
When I finished the CNE program in 2013 I began writing and sharing healthy recipes through "In the Kitchen with Kirby". Today this business has grown into so much more for me. I have found a place to not only share but to teach! I absolutely love being able to work from home and write recipes but one of my favourite things to do is teach cooking classes. Meeting new people face to face and helping them gain confidence in the kitchen is so much fun!
Seeing other moms ditch the stress and learn how they can feed their family healthy (and delicious) meals is the most rewarding!

Kirby Zylstra, Culinary Nutrition Expert with 2 of her 4 children

My passion is teaching. I started teaching dance when I was only 13. I loved seeing the progression of students from learning steps all the way to performing a routine. Now I teach others how to transform their kitchens and their life with whole foods, clean recipes, mindfulness, and purpose! It brings me so muc
h joy, I have to pinch myself most days!
I developed the Clean Start Program to create a space where we could gather as a community. I was looking for a group of like-minded individuals who were on a similar journey. Too often we decide to make healthier changes, whether with food or exercise and we naturally come up against some tough obstacles. It could be that we're without a plan that suits our needs or maybe it's friends & family who do not see the changes we're making as positively as we do or they don't agree with what or how we feed our family
The Clean Start Community is my signature program, it's a safe place to ask questions, find answers & most importantly get support. The name of the program says it all, it's a clean start!We're ditching the diet mentality and embracing whole food clean living! 
We're ditching the diet mentality
and embracing whole food clean living! 
If you find yourself in the same place I was only a few years ago, dealing with your children's food allergies or maybe you have healthy eating challenges of your own, you can find helpful tools & information here at In the Kitchen with Kirby. There are allergy friendly (gluten-free, nut-free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo) meals inside the Clean Start Community and you can also find helpful hints and recipes on my blog. 
It is my goal to inspire others to start living their healthiest life yet!
Whether you're a busy mom or a college student you will find something here to help you live a healthier life. From clean eating recipes to how-to videos I have the tools you need to feel confident in making healthy choices! -Kirby



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Meet Ashley

It's so nice to finally introduce myself! I am the behind-the-scenes face of our new eco-friendly online store!
Kirby is my sister-in-law, best friend and now business partner. Through her passion, knowledge and ever persistent teachings she has taught me the importance of maintaining an overall healthier lifestyle.

I am a wife-to-be, mom of 2 boys with a formal education as a Medical Laboratory Technician. Having a background in healthcare has given me great insight into the body, how it works and how to keep it running efficiently. My education, paired with an overzealous sister-in-law (wink-wink!) has been a large part of what motivated me to look deeper into my families nutrition habits. 
It has become my mission to live a greener, safer and healthier existence.
When I first started this journey, I was shocked to find out how many hidden toxins and chemicals reside in so many of our day-to-day items. The deeper I dug, the more I discovered and the more concerned I became. This is what has fuelled me to find family-friendly alternatives to toxic/polluting products and why starting our online store became so important to us.

We are just everyday moms who juggle kids, work, and trying to keep up with that ever-growing laundry pile. Our goal is simply to try to encourage and educate as many others on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, how to incorporate safe products into your home and how easy (and rewarding) it can be to reduce your environmental impact. If we can do it, anyone can do it!  -Ashley